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Producing High Quality Bench Vises Since 1908

At Yost Vises we have been producing high quality vises since 1908. We carry several types and sizes of bench vises, including industrial grade bench vises, professional grade bench vises designed for mechanics and other tradesman, stainless steel vises, multi-function vises, light-duty vises and welding vises. Additionally we provide woodworking vises, drill press vises, clamps and accessories.

We supply our products to both large distributors and individual craftsman throughout the world and our focus is on meeting your expectations no matter what your purchase volume

We understand that both company machinists and home craftsman alike want a solid and dependable vise. So we make sure that our products meet or exceed the Industrial Standard of Federal Specification GGG-V-410A. When you buy a Yost Vise, you can rest assured that you have purchased one of the best vises that is commercially available today.

Recently Launched: Yost 15000 Series – Heavy Duty Bar Clamps

Yost designed the 15000 Series of bar clamps for extra strength and clamping power. These bar clamps are constructed from high strength steel and use a reinforced nylon body to clamp stronger than other bar clamps on the market. The design of both the front and rear jaws was made to maximize strength while minimizing weight. By making these clamps lighter, without reducing clamping force, these clamps are easier to work with. Along with the materials of construction, the Yost clamping mechanism is what makes these bar clamps stronger than competitors models. The oversized triple slip plates help ensure that these bar clamps maintain their clamping pressure.

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